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Proactive voice for the advancement of the community.

I love the City of Chicago and especially 4th ward where I have resided most of my life. We are facing a pivotal moment where real change can occur, and I want to be your catalyst for change generating real honest transformation. My parents are lifetime public servants, retired Federal Executives who made national impacts across this country and now serving in ministry as Pastor and First Lady, so my legacy of humanitarian service hails from my esteemed family. I come from a working-class family and fully understand the need for sustainable living wages, quality schools, equitable economic development, lower taxes, and most importantly being safe in our environments. I will proactively work in partnership with legislatures, community stakeholders, developers, school & law enforcement officials, advocacy groups, churches, and most importantly the people I will serve to genuinely work towards effectuating change.  


This election presents a unique opportunity for all of us, and we must make a bold definitive statement and vote for Tracey Y. Bey, who will be a voice for the people. We have the chance to usher in new leadership with fresh ideas that will set the future stage for this ward. Our elected officials continue to make unfulfilled promises leaving our community’s void. In this election, let us collectively demonstrate we are fed up with the same old tired rhetoric that produces nothing but subpar conditions in our neighborhoods. My background in grassroots organizing and 25+ solid years of entrepreneurial leadership, brings experience and focus to this election that is unparalleled to any other candidate. I am ready to serve and with your vote of confidence, I will be placed in a frontline leadership role of government with no encumbrances but privileged and prepared to serve the people of our ward. Please elect me, as I am “The Only Choice” in this election that will make a difference.  


I am grateful yet overwhelmingly humbled about the opportunity to hold this prestigious office of service for the people of the 4th ward. Servant leadership is what I have witnessed my entire life from my grandparents to my parents and now I respectfully request the honor of becoming your next servant leader, Alderperson of the 4th ward in the City of Chicago. Please punch 52 and cast your vote early for Tracey Y. Bey or on February 28th, the official election day.


Thank You

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Thanks for submitting!

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