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“Servant leadership is my heritage.  I come from a proud family who has been at the forefront of public service my entire life and I want to work for you. We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety, especially getting guns off the street a top priority.  I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies, and get things done.”


Public Safety is at the forefront of my campaign, and it mirrors my lifestyle of community service. Crime reduction citywide will be preeminent in my administration with an unmitigated focus on the 4th ward. Leading edge solutions to the root causes of violence as well as instituting violence intervention initiatives will be ongoing visible activities in my administration. Presently, I collaborate with local and national leaders developing strategies to remedy violence in high crime localities. Moreover, I will allocate proper resources to prevent/offset crime coupled with building candid relationships with the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and be an advocate for community responsibility.  


Reforming public safety is vital and must be intentional to restore, improve and advance:

  • Community-based Economic Development 

  • Neighborhood Investment

  • Safe and Equitable Educational Advancements

  • Social Justice-Access to Opportunities & Resources

  • Youth Engagement


As a minority entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience, I fully comprehend the dynamics of prevailing as a small business owner as well as the importance of major economic developers investing in the 4th ward.  My cabinet finishing company is a supplier in the 4th ward and the City of Chicago for multi-unit developments (new construction & substantially rehabilitated) and single-family homes; so, I know from a personal standpoint that equitable community investment from small to large developers are crucial for economic growth across the entire ward. Developmental interests must benefit all constituents and my mission is to bring transparency, fairness, and needful employment opportunities.  As your next Alderperson, I will create mutual partnerships with community and business stakeholders fortifying existing assets while continuing and expanding progressive economic growth in all areas within the ward. I have been an advisor to local and national groups on equitable enterprising investments, therefore, my goal is to advise, assist, and make resources accessible to all interested parties in the ward.  



I will forge partnerships of accountability with 4th ward elementary and high school administrators including instructional staff to ensure every child has an opportunity to engage in any/all post-secondary education, employment, vocational training, and entrepreneurial opportunities. Comprehensive early childhood educational programs from pre-school to elementary along with supportive family services are essential components in changing the culture of the system. 

Education and the well-being of our youth are paramount, and I vow to work with every interrelated entity to advance public education for our youth.  Proactive engagements with the Chicago Public School System, students, parents, grandparents, families, Chicago Police Department, advocacy groups, churches, Local School Councils, etc., are vitally important to negate the longstanding deficits in our educational system. It does take a village to raise a child and I want to lead the charge for quality education in the 4th ward.


As a bold, dedicated Community Organizer for many years, I bring frontline community leadership to this campaign.  I have resided in the 4th ward most of my life, now I own a home in the historic North Kenwood Oakland district. As a child, I attended schools in the 4th ward safely and returned home the same. I organized events in the ward and have been at the forefront of community activism much of my life.  I will be intentional and mobilize support from the ground up with a concentrated commitment in re-building strong, safe, viable communities throughout the ward for our families. The 4th ward is diverse with various neighborhood specific concerns, some which I continue to address as a small business owner and through my ongoing professional public safety initiatives with ECCSC and similar community engaged organizations.  As your future Alderperson, I will be the connect point to the various concerns/needs of all my constituents and work diligently to effectuate change for the greater good.

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